Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Only three months of my blogging adventure and I've already disrupted the pace. Are disruptions the problem? Do we set out to accomplish our life's to-do list only to be disrupted by jobs, broken down cars, weddings, funerals, cleaning houses, over-due bills, lost dogs, broken arms, headaches.....

When does the break come when we finally get to do what we want to do? When do we get a vacation from the have-tos and a chance to live out our passion? Or more practically, how can we live out our passion in the midst of the disruptions? Or is there a way to take care of both?

Painfully, I am all questions on the subject with few to no answers. I live for my faith in Christ, so that is supposed to give you comfort in all of life's uncertainties. But why would God give you talents and passions and motivations, only to see you be weighed down from the world's agenda? Is there some key that I am missing here? Do I not "believe" enough?

I can't help but think that God intended for us to live a simpler life. His disciples roamed around unemployed for years. John the Baptist didn't work hard just so he could afford to eat at fancy restaurants. Esther didn't spend her time as queen visiting tanning salons and shopping malls.
If your passion is cooking, why not cook for the neighborhood? If your passion is helping, offer to clean. If you enjoy children, be the daycare. If you're an animal person, be the neighborhood pet sitter. If your passion is music, be the evening's entertainment.

I know people will easily brush this off as utopia nonsense, but I can't help but think that there is a disruption-free way to pursue the God-inspired passions inside of us. It just may not look like our United States way of living. And maybe that's a disruption that people would rather not discard.