Friday, January 13, 2017

Day 1

I wrote a really witty blog post and forgot to save it.

My eleven-week-old infant is screaming next to me so it's hard to hear myself think.

I just ended my beginning of the year soup cleanse by finishing off a pizza, a bottle of wine, and left-over Halloween candy.

I'm a Christian in the middle of an existential crisis, a mother who never really wanted kids, and a musician that hasn't touched an instrument in three years. I have an unfinished Masters degree, a library of un-read books, and instead of putting laundry away I just leave it in the middle of the floor until it is so covered in dog hair that I have to wash it again. I'm a severe melancholic with major depressive disorder and I haven't been on medication since I got pregnant. 

It's January and my resolution is to write. 

So this is my blog.